17-4PH / S17400 Material Round Bar

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17-4PH is a kind of steel that is widely used for making various kinds of structural parts, tools, machinery, etc. The main feature of this grade of steel is its good corrosion resistance and high strength, which makes it very suitable for use in many industrial applications.

SAE Type 630 stainless steel (more commonly known as 17-4 PH, or simply 17-4; also known as UNS S17400) is a grade of martensiticprecipitation hardenedstainless steel. It contains approximately 15–17.5% chromium and 3–5% nickel, as well as 3–5% copper. The name comes from the chemical makeup which is approximately 17% chromium and 4% nickel. SUS630 is the same as 17-4PH, and they both refer to the same grade. 

17-4 can be heat treated to high levels of strength and hardness, and features corrosion resistance and machinability comparable to austenitic 304 stainless. Being martensitic, 17-4 is magnetic.

17-4 is capable of being hardened up to approximately 44 Rc when heat treated to condition H900, though most common condition is H1150D

Overaging (aging beyond the peak strength condition) improves resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

The Benefits of Using 17-4PH Steel

17-04PHsteel is a type of steel with a chemical composition of 0.18% C, 1.5% Si, 2.0% Mn, 0.15% P, 0.05% S, 0.02% Al, 0.01% Cr, 0.005% Ni, 0.002% Cu, 0.001% Mo, 0.0003% V, 0.0002% Nb, 0.0001% Ti, 0.00001% B, and Fe balance. This grade of steel has been developed by using the latest technology and equipment. It is also known as “high-strength low alloy steel” because of its unique combination of properties.

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