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1.2363 Tool Steel

1.2363 tool steel suppliers and stockholders delivering to the whole of the Middle East. Nifty Alloys LLC are suppliers of 1.2363 tool steel in round bar and cut rectangular block. It is an air hardening tool steel which, after heat treatment, offers a high abrasion resistance coupled with toughness. Due to its lower chromium content, the wear resistant properties of 1.2363 are not as great as those to be found in high carbon, high chromium steels such as 1.2080 and 1.2379 but it is much easier to machine than the latter qualities and can be ground to give a cutting edge which is less liable to crumble in service. Where tools of large mass are being produced this tool steel, being an air hardening quality, is more suitable than the oil or water hardening tool steels.

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