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Aluminum Bronze C64200

Specs: QQ-C-465, ASTM-B-150, ASTM-B-124

UNS# C64200

Aluminum Silicon Bronze C64200 consists mainly of Aluminum, Copper and Silicon, with less than 1% Tin. C64200 has exceptional wear-resistant properties and offers an unusual flexibility of services to industries such as marine, hardware, pole line hardware, valve seals, valve stems and gears.


Alloy C64200 (CuAl7Si2) is a ternary Aluminum Bronze containing copper, aluminum and silicon.

It was initially developed for the marine defense industry where the combination of corrosion resistance in seawater and low magnetic permeability was important in the construction of vessels used for underwater mine detection.

The alloy now finds a wider application in seawater environments where ductility, ease of machining, high impact strength and good corrosion resistance are important characteristics.

Aluminum Silicon Bronze C64200 also maintains its properties at cryogenic temperatures.

The alloy is easily hot worked and can be cold worked to improve the mechanical strength, being in the main an α structure.

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