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Bronze Alloys

At Nifty Alloys, you can find the highest-quality bronze alloys on the market.

Our selection includes premium AMS 4616 silicon iron bronze. It undergoes thorough ultrasonic testing for hardness and grain size, and the addition of iron to the base silicon bronze alloy gives it increased strength. The unique composition makes it a reliable option in applications that must support heavy loads. Its physical properties make it suitable for welding and brazing, and it’s a popular choice in the aerospace industry.
Our silicon iron bronze product selection also includes finished retainers, which include ball bearing and roller bearing cages. Tell us more about your application, and we can help you select the right bronze alloy for your needs.

Silicon Bronze C65500 (CuSi3Mn1) is a wrought single α phase alloy with additions of silicon and manganese to increase the strength. C65500 can be strengthened by heat treatment resulting from an age-hardening process.

Alloy C67500 (CuZn37FeSnMn) is a wrought Manganese Bronze alloy with additions of iron, tin, and manganese to increase the strength and corrosion resistance.

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