Available Shapes

Bronze CDA 67500

Specs: QQ-B-728, ASTM-B-138, ASTM-B-124

UNS# C67500

Manganese Bronze C67500 (Bronze CDA 67500) is strong, rigid and abrasion-resistant, has excellent hot working capacity as well as exceptional ratings for soldering and brazing. Its principal components are Copper and Zinc, with slight amounts of Lead, Tin, Iron, Aluminum, and Manganese.

This cast bronze alloy combines high strength with good corrosion resistance, making it ideal for automotive clutch discs, pump rods, balls, valve stems, and shafting.


Alloy C67500 (CuZn37FeSnMn) is a wrought Manganese Bronze alloy with additions of iron, tin, and manganese to increase the strength and corrosion resistance.

The alloy can be cold worked to increase the strength and can be supplied in the half-hard and fully-hard condition.

It has excellent hot working properties and can be close die forged into valves, connectors, and other components for military applications. It can also be hot-headed or upset forged for manufacturing fasteners.

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