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Bronze CDA 86400

Specs: ASTM-B-584, MS-989, EMS-102.1

Specs: ASTM-B-584, MS-989, EMS-102.1

Leaded Manganese Bronze C86400 (Bronze CDA 86400), also known as Leaded High Strength Yellow Brass, is a cast Copper alloy that is made of Copper and Zinc, with Aluminum, Lead, Tin, Iron, Manganese and Nickel & Cobalt. This cast bronze is primarily used in roller bearing applications.




High Strength Yellow Brass C86400 (CuZn40Fe2AlMnPb) is an alpha-beta brass with additions of 2% Fe and 1% additions of aluminium, lead and manganese. The iron, aluminum, and manganese, provides additional strength and corrosion resistance, while the lead is added to increase the machinability.

The alloy has good wear resistance and is used for roller bearing cages where the properties of high strength, ductility, good fatigue, excellent bearing, and excellent machinability make it a popular choice.

When used as a shaft bearing, the shaft needs to harden.

Welding techniques for High Strength Yellow Brass are soldering and brazing. Carbon arc welding, oxyacetylene welding, gas-shielded arc, and coated metal arc welding are not recommended for this alloy.

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