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Bronze CDA 90300

Specs: ASTM-B-505, ASTM-B-824, QQ-C-390

UNS# C90300

Tin Bronze C90300 (Bronze CDA 90300) is an alloy offering good corrosion resistance and wear resistance with moderate machinability. Bronze 90300 provides high thermal conductivity, excellent ductility, and toughness, making it suitable for a wide variety of uses in aerospace, marine defense, and commercial industry.

This cast bronze material is often found in landing gear bushings, pumps, valves, bearings, gears, gear blanks, and many other industrial applications.


Tin Bronze C90300 (CuSn8Zn4) is a tin bronze with the addition of 8% tin and 4% zinc, commonly known as Navy G.

The tin increases the strength of the alloy and gives good corrosion resistance in marine environments and zinc is added to act as a deoxidant and assist with pressure tightness.

C90300 offers a combination of engineering properties, such as high strength, excellent fatigue, good bearing properties, coupled with corrosion resistance.

It has excellent bearing properties with a low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance; it can be used under high loads with low-speed applications. Bearings need good alignment of mating parts and adequate lubrication.

C90300 can be joined by soldering, but brazing must be preformed so as to avoid strain and cooled slowly to avoid problems with hot shortness.

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