Available Shapes

BS1452 Grade 250 Cast Iron

BS1452 Grade 250 cast iron stockholders and suppliers, delivering to the whole of the Middle East. Cast iron specification BS1452 Grade 250 is supplied as continuous cast grey iron bar in rounds and flats. With its fine grain structure this grade can be machined to achieve a good polished surface finish suitable for copper or chromium plating. As a continuous cast iron bar it has a fine grain structure combined with the fine graphite flake size and dense homogeneous structure. BS1452 Grade 250 supersedes specification BS1452 Grade 17.


Related Specifications
BS EN 1561 EN16482 EN GJL 250 BS1452 Grade 17 ASTM A48-83 35A 35B
DIN 1691 GG25 ISO 185 250 NFA32-101 Ft25D

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