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C51000 Bronze

Specs: ASTM-B-139, AMS 4625, QQ-B-750

UNS# C51000

The term “bronze” broadly refers to Copper alloys in which the major alloying element is neither Zinc (which forms brass) nor Nickel (which forms Copper- Nickel).

C51000 Bronze (CuSn5) is a Tin Bronze that contains Copper, Tin, and Phosphorous. The Tin increases corrosion resistance and strength, while the Phosphorous increases wear resistance and stiffness.

Phosphor Bronze alloys are best known for their elastic properties and are often used for spring-loaded electrical contacts, various electrical connectors, sleeve bushings, clutch discs, and fasteners. C51000 Bronze brazes and solders extremely well and has excellent cold working capacity.


Phosphor Bronze C51000 (CuSn5) is a tin bronze with the addition of 5% tin and 0.2% phosphorus for deoxidation. The tin increases the strength of the alloy and gives good corrosion resistance in marine environments.

C51000 is one of the most widely used phosphor bronzes, owing to its unique combination of properties.

The alloy offers an optimized combination of engineering properties, such as high strength and ductility, excellent fatigue and spring characteristics coupled with good corrosion resistance. It has excellent bearing properties with a low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance.

In addition, it has good cold-forming properties and spring properties with excellent resistance to stress relaxation.

The alloy has an adequate electrical and thermal property, which helps it find applications in current-carrying and heat transfer applications.

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