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Phosphor bronze alloys

Continuous cast production gives good mechanical and machining properties

Phosphor bronze stockholders and suppliers, delivering throughout the Middle East. Nifty Alloys LLC are suppliers of phosphor bronze in round bar, hollow bar / tube and plate. Specifications are available conforming to British (BS), ASTM, UNS and European standards.

Phosphor Bronze is a non ferrous metal made up of copper, tin and phosphorus. The addition of tin increases corrosion resistance and strength with phosphorus helping to increase the wear resistance of the material. Continuous cast production gives characteristics of high density, close grain structure with good mechanical and machining properties.

Phosphor Bronze is commonly supplied to British Standard BS1400 PB1, PB2 and PB102 grades. With its good strength and shock resistance characteristics it suitable for many applications including bearings, bushes, gears and flanges in a wide range of industries.

Other grades available include CuSn10P GC CC481K CuSn11P-C CC483K CuSn12 CuSn10 CC480K CuSn8Pb4Zn1 CC495K CuSn10Pb10

With a lower tensile strength than phosphor bronze free machining leaded bronze is available in grades LG2 and SAE660.


These alloys resist excessive wear and tear, so they’re an ideal choice in applications where durability is especially important.

Phosphor bronze alloy’s combination of copper, tin, and phosphorus promotes superior elasticity, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Phosphor bronze’s resilience serves it well in spring-loaded components and fasteners, as well as other electrical, heat transfer, and marine applications.

At Wieland Diversified, you can find high-quality phosphor bronze alloys to support electrical machinery and other relevant operations. Within our selection, you’ll find metals that excel in brazing and soldering applications, including C51000, which has the ability to remain malleable in cold environments.

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