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Silver Steel Bar

We keep it tight and precise with our silver steel precision ground bar

Silver steel bar stockholders and suppliers, delivering to the whole of the Middle East. Nifty Alloys are suppliers of precision ground silver steel bar and rod which find innumerable uses in the tool room and in general engineering. The user can select a size suitable for his purpose, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for grinding or machining the finished part.

The high carbon content aids the hardenability to give considerable wear resistance. The chromium content adds to the strength and hardness characteristics of silver steel. As supplied, however, it is machineable owing to the annealing treatment given in production. Silver steel bar is spheroids annealed for best machineability, the annealed hardness being in the region of 270 Brinell (Rockwell C 27). On hardening and tempering, a hardness up to 64 Rockwell C can be obtained. Being in the spheroidised condition, it offers maximum response to hardening and the chromium content ensures deep hardening. Silver steel bar is a popular tool room material used in a wide range of applications.

There is, of course, no silver in it, the term ‘silver steel’ is a traditional description. When the grade was first developed in the early 1900s the addition of chromium (which at the time was becoming increasingly popular as an alloying element in steel) gave the steel a bright ‘silver’ like finish.

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