Laserscale Products

Laser scale resolution finally goes to the world of Pico

The resolution of the laser scale is going beyond the world of pico as well as the nano domain. The development speed of resolution that anticipates customer requests is exactly Moore’s Law *. The high resolution and stability that the laser scale can provide supports state-of-the-art measurement and positioning control. Laser scales are indispensable in fields that require high precision and high resolution, such as next-generation semiconductor manufacturing and camera lens mold processing. Furthermore, we are continuing to anticipate demand by expanding the measurement target from 1D to 2D and to 3D using the Z sensor, and developing an encoder that boasts the world’s highest accuracy in angle.

* Moore’s Law A law concerning the integration density of semiconductor chips, which doubles every one to two years. A rule of thumb published in 1965 by Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel.