Available Shapes

Nickel 405

Specs: QQ-N-281, ASTM-B164, AMS 4674, ASME SB164

UNS#: NO4405

The higher sulfur content of Nickel 405 allows for enhanced machinability, making this alloy the free machining grade of Nickel 400. Similar to Nickel 400, 405 is a high-Nickel alloy consisting of at least 63% Nickel alloyed with Copper, some Iron, and other trace elements. This material is valued by many industries for its combination of high strength and corrosion resistance over a wide range of conditions and temperatures.

Nickel 405 exhibits many of the same corrosion resistance and physical properties as Nickel 400, however, the range of mechanical properties does not completely mirror those of Nickel 400. This grade is used primarily as automatic screw machine stock where corrosion resistance and toughness are required.

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