What is Chromium Copper Alloy and its Applications? .

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Learn about C18200 chromium copper alloy

What it is and how it can be used. Discover all the applications it has in a wide range of industries!

Properties and Characteristics of Chromium Copper Alloys.

Chromium copper alloy is a combination of copper and chromium, making it strong, wear-resistant, corrosion resistant and highly heat resistant. It also has electrical and thermal characteristics that make it well suited for applications in electronics and machinery. Chromium copper alloys are available in various compositions, tempers, and finishes to meet the needs of different industries or applications. In addition to resistance welding applications C18200 is used for numerous electrical applications where resistance to deformation at high temperature is required. The RWMA designation is Class II.


C18200 Chromium copper alloy is a versatile material with a broad range of applications. It combines the properties of two metals to form an exceptionally strong and durable material suitable for use in many industries. Learn about what chromium copper alloy is, its benefits, and its various uses in this article.

Applications and uses of copper chromium alloys in different industries

Copper chromium alloys are used frequently in industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and the petrochemical industry. Their high temperature strength and resistance to corrosion make them ideal for a range of applications including valves and pumps, compressor blades in aircraft engines, skid rails or heat exchangers. They can also withstand extreme environmental conditions without performance issues.

Advantages & Disadvantages of copper chromium alloys compared to other materials.

Copper chromium alloys offer a number of advantages compared to other materials. They are highly resistant to corrosion, have excellent strength and durability even at temperatures up to or above 1000°F (537°C), and have good electrical and thermal conductivity. On the downside, these alloys are expensive relative to other metals due to their complex manufacturing process. Additionally, like most metals, they require careful handling when welding or machining since they can be brittle at lower temperatures.

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